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Note 9 - Long-term Debt

Note 9 - Long-term Debt
9 Months Ended
Oct. 31, 2023
Notes to Financial Statements  
Debt Disclosure [Text Block]

(9)    Long-Term Debt


Debt consisted of the following (in thousands):



October 31, 2023


January 31, 2023


Term Loan - current portion

  $ 6,404     $ 6,404  

Current maturities of long-term debt

    6,404       6,404  

Term Loan - long-term portion

    589,798       594,601  

Original issue discount - long-term portion

    (7,284 )     (8,286 )

Deferred financing costs - long-term portion

    (3,954 )     (4,498 )

Long-term debt

  $ 578,560     $ 581,817  


On July 16, 2021, Skillsoft Finance II, Inc. (“Skillsoft Finance II”), a subsidiary of Skillsoft Corp., entered into a Credit Agreement (the “Credit Agreement”), by and among Skillsoft Finance II, as borrower, Skillsoft Finance I, Inc., as holdings (“Holdings”), the lenders party thereto and Citibank, N.A., as administrative agent and collateral agent, pursuant to which the lenders provided a $480 million term loan facility (the “Term Loan Facility”) to Skillsoft Finance II, the proceeds of which, together with cash on hand, were used to refinance existing debt. The Term Loan Facility is scheduled to mature on July 16, 2028.


In connection with the closing of the Codecademy acquisition, Skillsoft Finance II entered into Amendment No. 1 to the Credit Agreement, dated as of April 4, 2022 (the “First Amendment”), among Skillsoft Finance II, Holdings, certain subsidiaries of Skillsoft Finance II, as guarantors, Citibank N.A., as administrative agent, and the financial institutions party thereto as Term B-1 Lenders, which amended the Credit Agreement (as amended by the First Amendment, the “Amended Credit Agreement”).


The First Amendment provided for the incurrence of up to $160 million of Term B-1 Loans (the “Term B-1 Loans”) under the Amended Credit Agreement. In addition, the First Amendment, among other things, (a) provided for early opt-in to Secured Overnight Financing Rate ("SOFR") for the existing term loans under the Credit Agreement (such existing term loans together with the Term B-1 Loans, the “Initial Term Loans”) and (b) provided for the applicable margin for the Initial Term Loans at 4.25% with respect to base rate borrowings and 5.25% with respect to SOFR borrowings.


The Company received $153.2 million of net proceeds (net of $4.0 million of financing costs and $2.8 million of original issuance discounts) from the Term Loan Facility on April 4, 2022. The Company used the net proceeds and cash on hand for the closing of the Codecademy acquisition on April 4, 2022. 


The refinancing was accounted for as a modification for certain lenders and an extinguishment for other lenders and debt issuance costs and lender fees were accounted for in proportion to whether the related principal balance was considered modified or extinguished. Accordingly, both newly incurred and deferred financing costs and original issuance discounts of $0.1 million and $2.8 million, respectively, will be amortized as additional interest expense over the term of the Initial Term Loans.


Prior to the maturity thereof, the Initial Term Loans will be subject to quarterly amortization payments of 0.25% of the principal amount.


On August 15, 2022, pursuant to the Purchase Agreement entered on June 12, 2022 by and among Skillsoft, Skillsoft (US) Corporation (“Seller”), Amber Holding Inc. (“SumTotal”), and Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. (“Buyer”), Seller completed the sale of one hundred percent (100%) of the outstanding shares of capital stock of SumTotal to Buyer. As a result of the asset sale, the Company made a mandatory prepayment of $31.4 million to the lenders in August 2022. The remaining net cash proceeds attributable to the sale of SumTotal were subject to reinvestment provisions and could not be used for general corporate purposes. As defined in the Amended Credit Agreement, no additional repayment was required.


All obligations under the Amended Credit Agreement, and the guarantees of those obligations (as well as certain cash management obligations and interest rate hedging or other swap agreements), are secured by substantially all of Skillsoft Finance II’s personal property as well as the assets of each subsidiary guarantor.


Amounts outstanding under the Term Loan Facility bear interest, at the option of Skillsoft Finance II, at a rate equal to (a) SOFR (subject to a floor of 0.75%) plus a credit premium based on the tenor of the interest period plus 5.25% for SOFR Loans or (b) the highest of (i) the Federal Funds Effective Rate plus 10.50%, (ii) the “prime rate” quoted by the administrative agent, (iii) Adjusted Term SOFR plus 1.00% and (iv) 1.75%, plus 3.75% for alternative base rate loans. As of October 31, 2023, the balance of $596.2 million of Initial Term Loans bears interest at a rate equal to SOFR plus a credit premium of 0.11% plus a spread of 5.25%, per annum, with a SOFR floor of 0.75%, and quarterly principal repayments of $1.6 million until maturity.


Voluntary prepayment is permitted under the Term Loan Facility. Loan parties are subject to various affirmative and negative covenants and reporting obligations under the Amended Credit Agreement. These include, among other things, limitations on indebtedness, liens, sale and leaseback transactions, investments, fundamental changes, assets sales, restricted payments, affiliate transactions, and restricted debt payments. Events of default under the Term Loan Facility include non-payment of amounts due to the lenders, violation of covenants, materially incorrect representations, defaults under other material indebtedness, judgments and specified insolvency-related events, certain ERISA events, and invalidity of loan or collateral documents, subject to, in certain instances, specified thresholds, cure periods and exceptions. As of  October 31, 2023, the Company is in compliance with all covenants.


The Company’s debt outstanding as of October 31, 2023 matures (in thousands) as shown below.


Future principal payments due for fiscal years ended January 31:


2024 (three months remaining)

  $ 1,601  











Total payments


Current portion

    (6,404 )

Unamortized original issue discount and issuance costs

    (11,238 )

Long-term portion

  $ 578,560  


Accounts Receivable Facility


On December 20, 2018, the Company entered into a $75.0 million receivables credit agreement. The maturity date for the facility is the earlier of (i) December 27, 2024 or (ii) 90 days prior to the maturity of any corporate debt. There are four classes of available receivables with advance rates between 50.0% and 85.0%. The minimum outstanding draw under the terms of the agreement is $10 million.


The lenders require the Company to deposit receipts from pledged receivables to a restricted concentration account within two business days of receipt by the Company. A reconciliation detailing collections against the prior month’s borrowing base and additional receivables to be pledged is submitted monthly. If additional pledged receivables exceed the prior month’s collections, funds from the concentration account are returned to the Company. The reserve balance was $5.1 million at  October 31, 2023 and is classified as restricted cash on the balance sheet.


The Company accounts for these transactions as borrowings since the assets pledged contain the right to future receivables. Under this agreement, the Company receives the net present value of the accounts receivable balances used to calculate the borrowing base. The interest rate on borrowings outstanding under the accounts receivable facility was 8.44% at October 31, 2023. Borrowings and repayments are presented as cash flows from financing activities in the accompanying unaudited condensed consolidated statements of cash flows. As of October 31, 2023, $40.5 million was drawn under the accounts receivable facility and is classified as a current liability on the balance sheet.