Skillsoft Reveals Keys to Integrating Compliance with Business Strategy

New whitepaper highlights the benefits of strategy-driven compliance training

NASHUA, N.H.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- In response to increasing recognition of compliance training as a legal and risk-mitigating necessity, Skillsoft has published a new whitepaper which highlights the benefits of integrating compliance with business strategy to achieve a positive and productivity-driven compliance culture. The whitepaper, titled “Integrating Compliance with Business Strategy: The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Model™” addresses advantages of leveraging learning content to shift from a training-focused approach to an approach focused on behavior and culture. Skillsoft is a pioneer in the field of technology-delivered learning with a long history of innovation and delivering solutions for its customers worldwide, ranging from global enterprises, government, and education to mid-sized and small businesses.

In a recent Baker & McKenzie study, 43 percent of respondents indicated that the Compliance & Ethics (C&E) function lacked the staff, control, authority and budget to effectively measure, manage and mitigate compliance risks. To understand and address this market gap, Skillsoft examined the ways organizations at different levels of learning perceive compliance training. The whitepaper identifies five stages of compliance achievement which organizations follow in the natural progression from “training” to “strategy.”

“Complex and continually evolving regulatory standards are increasing the pressure on organizations to address compliance requirements more aggressively, which is a significant challenge to achieve on a company-wide level,” said Eugene Van Biert, Vice President and General Manager of Skillsoft’s Global Compliance Solutions. “With our diverse compliance training offering and deep understanding of best practices, Skillsoft is in a unique position to help organizations of all sizes implement a strategy-driven compliance program. By applying compliance learning as a core organizational activity, companies can optimize their compliance initiatives so that they positively impact business and company culture.”

The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Model guides organizations to reap the business benefits of investing in compliance programs. By defining compliance practices through a five stage model, Skillsoft positions organizations to gain a better understanding of where their compliance program currently stands and what areas can be capitalized on as growth opportunities, such as attracting top talent, increasing competitiveness and contributing to employee loyalty. In conjunction with the model, Skillsoft established the Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions Business Unit to offer training solutions and management tools to assist customers in promoting ethical and lawful cultures, reducing legal and regulatory violations and minimizing exposure to operational risk. Skillsoft’s Global Compliance Solution is defined by the following areas - Legal Compliance; Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance; Alcohol and Food Safety Compliance; and UK Adult Care and Hospitality.

To view the identified keys to achieving optimized compliance training aligned with business strategy, download your complimentary copy of “Integrating Compliance with Business Strategy: The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Model™”.

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