Latest Version of Percipio Brings Greater Personalization to Corporate Learning

New design being showcased at HR Tech drives usage, engagement and accelerates learning

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Skillsoft, the global leader in corporate learning, today announced the latest release of Percipio, the market-leading intelligent learning platform. Designed to meet the needs of the multi-generational modern learner, Percipio allows users to take advantage of pre-curated channels, micro-learning courses, and offers the choice of where, when, and how to learn. Percipio delivers an intuitive design to engage learners, with a consumer-led experience to accelerate learning.

“This latest release of Percipio brings even greater personalization with a brand-new homepage,” said Bill Donoghue, chairman and CEO of the Skillsoft Group. “Percipio is the most advanced intelligent learning platform on the market, and this release delivers more control over the content and user experience, creating more personalized learning. A truly immersive learning platform, Percipio provides access to the best-curated content on the market.”

Skillsoft is showcasing the new functionality at the 20th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas. The Percipio team is available at booth 1932 to demo the new design and discuss how it drives usage, engagement and accelerates learning.

With almost 20 years’ experience in building learning technologies and having trained more than 400 million learners, Skillsoft built Percipio to deliver exactly what users are looking for – Netflix™ style, consumer-led design, and handcrafted, personalized and tailored experiences that meet individuals’ learning and development requirements. Using that 20 years of experience, data, analytics and usage patterns, Skillsoft has developed its competency-based channels to deliver the very best learning outcomes in an efficient, flexible and adaptive user experience. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Percipio continues to enhance that tailored and personalized learning experience.

Percipio now offers 500+ content channels developed through the curation of more than 50,000 competencies. These courses and competencies have been mapped out by experts and aligned to the skills most valued by leading organizations. Additionally, with intuitive dashboards, administrators can create and assign learning paths, visually monitor progress using charts and graphs, link learning to business objectives, and quantify program value.

Key features of this release:

  • Homepage Redesign – The brand-new homepage design is even more impactful and engaging for the learner
  • Personalization – Personalized recommendations for each learner are based on interests and appear on their homepage. The recommendations are formatted for easy content discovery and one-click access
  • Filter by Modality – Personal recommendations include books, audiobooks and courses, and can be filtered by Watch/Read/Listen to give learners a choice in how they learn and which devices they use
  • Feedback – Users can give content “likes” to share their feedback and enable the best content to rise to the top
  • New Resources – New types of resources have been added to courses, including both file-based and HTML-based
  • Enhanced Onboarding – New onboarding workflow guides the learner in selecting areas of interest
  • Administrator Functionality – Percipio now enables audience management, assignment workflow and user import functions for administrators
  • Search – Search is more prominent on the homepage and better tuned to yield more relevant results

Coming in January Release

  • Third-party Content – Provides full access to a user’s choice of third-party content, curated on the Percipio platform
  • Custom Content – Enables the development of new curated custom channels and content
  • Download and Full Offline Access – Provides access to learning assets anytime, anywhere
  • Full third-party LMS Integration – Delivering integration with the market-leading LMS providers

Percipio is available for a free, 14-day trial here.

About Percipio
Percipio is the brand new intelligent learning platform from Skillsoft. Designed to meet the needs of the modern learner, Percipio allows them to take advantage of pre-curated channels, micro-learning courses, and offers the choice of where, when, and how to learn. Percipio has over 500 channels, with new channels and content being added all the time. Percipio delivers an intuitive design to engage learners, with a consumer-led experience to accelerate learning. Percipio has been designed as an open platform which will enable our clients to include curated content including custom, third-party content and complements Learning Management Systems (LMS).

About Skillsoft
Skillsoft is the global leader in corporate learning, providing the most engaging learner experience and high-quality content. We are trusted by the world's leading organizations, including 65 percent of the Fortune 500. Our mission is to build beautiful technology and engaging content that drives business impact for today’s modern enterprise. Our 500,000+ multi-modal courses, videos, authoritative content chapters and micro-learning modules are accessed more than 130 million times every month, in 160 countries and 29 languages. With 100 percent secure cloud access, from any device, whenever, wherever.

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