Skillsoft Signs Paradigm for Parity® Pledge

Corporate learning leader commits to delivering gender parity well in advance of Paradigm for Parity’s 2030 target

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Skillsoft, the global leader in corporate learning, today announced it has joined Paradigm for Parity® to bring gender parity to corporate leadership.

The Paradigm for Parity® coalition was launched in December 2016 by a diverse group of current and former CEOs and business leaders committed to achieving a new norm in corporate leadership: one in which women and men have equal power, status and opportunity.

“We are absolutely committed to gender equality and are delighted to sign the Paradigm for Parity® pledge,” said Bill Donoghue, chairman and CEO of the Skillsoft Group. “As the global leader in corporate learning, we already help many of our customers deliver training to counter bias. Our Women in Action leadership program is very successful, and one of the few Leadership Programs developed from the ground up for women. Our staff has completed this 12-month program – over 830 women across the Skillsoft Group. In addition, we have mapped our Business Skills & Leadership content to the Paradigm for Parity’s 5-Step Action Plan, which will further drive adoption of this critical program.”

“We know many things about gender diversity, including how strong female leadership increases engagement, strengthens employee retention, brings diverse views to the decision-making process and leads to better business results,” said Greg Porto, Chief People Officer of the Skillsoft Group. “The status quo has to change, and organizations must demonstrate their commitment to gender diversity to their employees. Diversity is an absolute priority for Skillsoft, and we plan to deliver gender parity well in advance of the 2030 target set by Paradigm for Parity®.”

“We applaud Skillsoft for promoting gender parity within their company. Skillsoft is the 59th member to formally pledge to follow the Paradigm for Parity® Action Plan and close the gender gap within its leadership ranks,” said Ellen Kullman, Co-Chair of the Paradigm for Parity® coalition. “We are excited to see that Skillsoft has plans in place to achieve gender parity by 2030, or even sooner, and look forward to supporting the company as it seeks to achieve this goal.”

Skillsoft has committed to following the Paradigm for Parity® 5-Point Action Plan that will catalyze change and enable substantial progress towards gender parity by 2030. The five steps are:

  • Eliminating or minimizing unconscious bias in the workplace;
  • Significantly increasing the number of women in senior operating roles, with the near-term goal of at least 30 percent representation in all leadership groups;
  • Measuring targets and maintaining accountability by providing regular progress reports;
  • Basing career progress on business results and performance, rather than physical presence in the office; and
  • Providing sponsors, not just mentors, to women well positioned for long-term success.

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About Paradigm for Parity®
The Paradigm for Parity® coalition was founded by a group of women with distinguished careers who want to leverage their track records to help all companies benefit from the proven success of gender parity in leadership. The group is led by Jewelle Bickford, Partner, Evercore Partners, Ellen Kullman, former Chairman and CEO, DuPont and Sandra Beach Lin, retired CEO and President, Calisolar Inc.

About Skillsoft
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